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Rhino Rubber

Skid Steer Tire 31x10x20 8-hole wheel (10-16.5) - $633 Each - Qty of 4

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Industrial Rubber Solid Skid Steer Tires

31x10-20 Solid (Replaces 10-16.5 Pneumatic) - Set of 4 Tires with Wheel included.

Price each $633 - set of 4 tires and wheels.

*Attention: The picture shown is a generic category picture

When skid steer tire performance is your priority use Industrial.


  • Wheel Assembly: Standard 8 on 8 wheel included (Fits most all skid steer machines)
  • Demountable solid tires
  • Can re-use the wheel
  • ISO certified production
  • VD tread pattern is standard


  • Disposal of mud & water
  • Load capacity
  • Traction ride


  • Muddy or dirt surfaces
  • Maximum machine width is needed
  • Elevates the machine higher off the ground (32 x 10-20 & 33 x 12-20)


  • Power Trax HD is a premium tire, designed for heavy-duty service. The deep tread, extra-thick sidewalls, and tough casing provide exceptional durability and minimize the risk of punctures and accidental damages.
  • Skid Power series is a natural, rubber-based compound that runs cooler and provides good chipping, chunking, and tear resistance. Open lug design provides maximum self-cleaning and adds extra traction.

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